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Behind The Brand – Havelock Bay

By March 11, 2016Blog


Juliet Dunn is always on the search for emerging artists, musicians, fashion designers, brands and products that are unconventional, sophisticated and creative. We look at people who are doing something we admire and that fit with our luxury ’gypset’ aesthetic.

Havelock Bay is our absolute favourite brand for boys on the beach – we fell in love with the bright colours and inventive prints. The packaging is a treat as each pair comes in its own pouch made from the same fabric and with the Havelock Bay embroidered palm tree. The Indian Collection won our hearts last year with the Taj Mahal motif and this year the men in our life will be spoilt for choice as we shop the ‘Maldives’ collection.

Florence Hall, a Juliet Dunn wearer herself, is the owner of this fabulous brand. She tells us about how it all began, how the range is developing and how you can get your hands on her range. We also pick her brains for travel tips…after all travel is the foundation of her inspiration and her passion.

Move over Vilebrequin we’ve seen it all before… stop right there Orlebar there’s a new kid on the beach!

Why men’s trunks and how did you come up with the name?

Havelock Island is in the Andaman Islands – I went 5 years ago and fell in love with the beautiful tropical island and its totally barefoot vibe. I decided to make men’s trunks because my father struggled to find ones he liked. 5 years ago if you went on holiday out of season, it was impossible to find decent trunks in nice prints. Beach holidays are no longer seasonal, they happen all year round, and so we provide our colourful, holiday inspired trunks all year round.

What is your inspiration behind the prints and collections?

Each collection is inspired by our travels – The recent Maldives collection was dreamt up on my honeymoon – we arrived by seaplane flying over archipelagos of green islands dotted in turquoise seas. We snorkelled and scuba dived and saw amazing fish and sharks and went on boat trips and ate bright tropical fruit.

Have you added to your product range?

We recently launched our Daddy & Me collection for kids to have matching trunks and panties with their daddy’s – they have been a huge success – and now mummies want something too!

What type of man buys your trunks?

With our emphasis on high quality fabric, bespoke prints and discreet branding, Havelock fans are people looking for barefoot luxury, rather than flash designer wear.

Who would you most like to see wearing Havelock Bay?

The dream – Jack Huston – someone laid back and athletic – not posing, just enjoying their holidays with friends and family. And of course all the dadbods out there too!

What was your proudest moment with Havelock?

A hotel owner got some Havelock’s when he was away on holiday, and then requested that his hotel stock them – That’s fantastic, someone who loved the prints, quality and brand so much they wanted to showcase them for others.

What’s next for the brand?

MIAMI! We are so excited to be going to Miami this summer and showcasing our new collection at Cabana Swim Show.


• Best Hotel to Stay in: Baros in the Maldives – Went on our honeymoon and was just magical. I thought we would get bored but there are so many great things to do in the Maldives, as well as just totally relax.

• Ideal Travelling Companion: Elodie from Juliet Dunn! We’ve done some great travels, weekend trips and holidays together.

• City Break Destination: Dying to go to Istanbul. But always love a trip to Paris, having spent a year living there.

• Best Restaurant: El Chiringuito, Ibiza – amazing food, wine, music, location, people-watching…

• Favourite Bar: Electric, Portobello – spend far too much money on cocktails there

• Next year I Will Visit…. Burma! Been on my top ten list for a while and still haven’t been – 2017 will be the year!

• Best Beach: Paranga Beach in Mykonos for beach time which turns into a party.

• Go to Sunglasses: I love a classic pair of Ray Bans, but am also really enjoying my new Taylor Morris mirrored aviators

• Beauty Essentials: Moisturiser & Conditioner – Hotel ones can’t be trusted

• Soundtrack Headliner of the Holiday: I have terrible taste in music – I leave all nights out and DJ duties to other people.

• Sea or Pool: Pool, I love the beach, but prefer swimming in a pool

• Most Repeated Holiday Phrase: Is it time for a drink?

• Best Holiday Read: Holidays are a time for pure trash! Also LOVE a map.

• What’s in Your Hand Luggage: bikinis, jewellery, make up and a Juliet Dunn dress – After losing our bags for the entirety of our honeymoon, I am SO happy I packed the basics in my handbag!

• Favourite View: Our apartment looks out at the world’s tallest building – The Dubai skyline is really special at night with all the lights twinkling. Otherwise home, looking down the garden through a floral archway in summer time.

• Holiday Nightmare: Unpacking when you get home… the worst!

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