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Spring/Summer 2019

By February 15, 2019 Collections

From beach to bar the sophistication and elegance of our Spring/Summer 2019 collection is clear, whilst maintaining a perkier flirtier side to appeal to women with natural spontaneity and wit.

The new range centres around three main fashion forward themes:

Jewel in the crown silks with deep rich colours and a phenomenal use of ombre colour mixing. In this group, the maxi kaftan continues to reign supreme and is updated and reinvigorated with eye catching sequin and mirror work.

The second trend to shine through is the feminine floral look but with some edgy adaptations. A floral blouson resort dress with electrifying metallic rik rak stands out as a key style here. An English country garden print covered with classical, antique, middle eastern embroidery is a break from the ditzy and refines the trend.

Classical is the third main theme, a continuation of the perfect capsule holiday wardrobe that Juliet Dunn has been producing for almost two decades. With a style to suit everyone and colours to enhance, we repeat that the Juliet Dunn girl has no age and the range is truly cross generational.

Detail and hand work is always at the forefront of a Juliet Dunn collection and for the 2019 season it is no different – meticulous attention to the finish and embellishment of some stunning new styles and prints is what will capture the imagination and reinforce Juliet Dunn as your go to hot holiday wardrobe.

For more information on where the range will be shown and images please email info@julietdunn.com