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A Christmas Gift Guide With A Difference

By November 21, 2018 Diary

With our brand inspiration weaving through countless continents and spectrums of art and culture, we wanted to give you a Christmas Gift Guide with a difference for 2018. Instead of trawling the beautiful, but predictable, slew of departments stores this festive season we’re focusing on a selection of small brands and ethical companies where Father Christmas should be looking this year!


blog post joya perfume - A Christmas Gift Guide With A Difference

Straight from the heart of the Big Apple, Joya creates scents with an ethos of balance and beauty. All their materials are locally-sourced and they only use ethical production practices. All of their items also come in sustainable packaging.

We love their unique slip cast scent bottles and candle holders, but the travel-sized roller scents which are strong enough to last the evening and small enough to fit in any clutch are top of our wish list. Pack Composition No.1, with it’s sparkling citrus top notes, for your next sunshine fuelled adventure.



Invisible Shield blog post e1542823233725 - A Christmas Gift Guide With A Difference

We’ve spoken before about the necessity of sun cream, and the damage some manufacturers are causing to our Coral Reefs with the use of Oxybenzone in their products. That’s why Glossier comes as such a delight. Glossier believe that skin comes before make up – looking after what’s underneath is what creates a truly flawless look. All Glossier products are cruelty free, never tested on animals.

Their incredible sun cream has also been recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.  This watergel formula instantly absorbs into skin with no greasy residue and zero white cast. As well as providing a barrier for harmful UV rays it also protects against pollutants, making this a must-have whether at the beach or home this festive season.



Sue Perkins Travel Book - A Christmas Gift Guide With A Difference

When purchasing any book online be sure to use Hive instead of the more common, larger retailers. Hive consists of a network of over 350 independent bookstores nationwide. A percentage of all the profits go back to a bookstore of your choosing every time you make a purchase, meaning you can support your local high street while benefitting from the ease of online shopping.

We’ll be curling up with East of Croydon this December. While we all dream of far off adventures, meeting strangers and rescuing Elephants in deepest Cambodia, Sue Perkins has done it. Inspire someone to book their next trip this festive season with her witty and warm travel diary. The book documents Sue’s travels through Vietnam to Tibet as well as the people she met along the way. Funny, poignant and warm this is the perfect gift for a wild at heart recipient who’s spending Christmas at home.



gin - A Christmas Gift Guide With A Difference

Christmas is always an excuse for a tipple or two, and this Gin is truly something worthy of the festive season. Dreamt up by ‘The Crazy Singh’, Crazy Gin combines all of the traditional flavours he remembers from growing up in an British-Indian household with alcohol. The gin is infused with traditional botanics as well as the tastes of Lassi, a classic Punjabi drink. This combination of the soft, yoghurty taste and fiery cumin and black pepper notes is both unique and absolutely delicious!

Every part of this spirit is produced in the UK, reducing the carbon footprint many alcohol brands find themselves burdened with. The duo behind this brand also try to utilise all waste in the gin making process, giving flavoured ghee and spices to chefs and innovators up and down the country, which leads to fabulous creations like The Crazy Fudge (available at The Dairy, Clapham). We’ll be drinking ours on Christmas day with tonic and a basil leaf for garnish, to further the aromatics.



Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas!