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Done Undone – Sam McKnight

By December 20, 2016 Diary
IMG 0452 e1482236724528 - Done Undone - Sam McKnight

Somerset house is celebrating the 40 year career of session hairdresser Sam McKnight.

He describes his look as ‘done undone’ which is perfect hair, but 10 minutes later when it looks better and sexier!
Kate moss describes him as ‘king of the wind machine’

IMG 0391 e1482230874373 - Done Undone - Sam McKnight

The exhibition takes you on a journey through Sam Mcknight’s world starting with the basics of his kit, through to real life backstage catwalk footage.

IMG 0435 - Done Undone - Sam McKnight

There are detailed areas dedicated to his close working relationships with both Vivienne Westwood and Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel you can see step by step how he achieved signature Westwood looks.

IMG 0358 e1482232373101 - Done Undone - Sam McKnight

He works every season with Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel who sends him sketches at the beginning of each collection. Karl’s sketches are returned with photos of ideas and styles on models and the two go back and forth until the day of the catwalk show – this happens from every collection.

IMG 0441 e1482232471823 - Done Undone - Sam McKnight

Sam McKnight clearly works so closely with each designer, stylist, and model that his work blends seamlessly and enhances each look so perfectly that we do not even question why or how he has done what he has done.

IMG 0431 e1482231764438 - Done Undone - Sam McKnight

Sam McKnight is also responsible for princess Diana’s crop. After working together for the first time she asked him what he would do to her hair, and then insisted that he cut it of there and then.
There are also stunning videos of his work with both Bjork and Lady Gaga proving that his talents are not just limited to the world of fashion.

IMG 0426 e1482232012765 - Done Undone - Sam McKnight

He has created hair perfection for no fewer than 180 vogue covers so he is clearly worth it.

The hair in catwalk shows and magazine shoots is such an important element yet is somehow almost always overlooked as it seems such a natural extension of the outfit.

IMG 0422 e1482231826610 - Done Undone - Sam McKnight
IMG 0443 e1482232219330 - Done Undone - Sam McKnight

You will leave feeling energized and inspired ready to reinvent your own fabulous look first thing in the morning!