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Incredible India

By January 30, 2019 Diary

Every Juliet Dunn collection starts from small ideas and basic patterns in London. It is then magically transformed in India beyond your wildest and most beautiful dreams. It is hard to believe and easy to forget that every piece is patiently handmade and has been on an incredible journey before you pack it in your suitcase and take it with you on your exciting adventure.

We travel there so often and to various locations scattered across India in order to reach the artisans specialising in the different, traditional techniques which are unique to each region.

We love every minute of our time spent in one of the most colourful, extraordinary, breathtaking and utterly inspiring countries on the planet.
As they say a picture speaks a thousand words so here are some of our personal photos from our recent trips to Delhi, Mumbai and our favourite Jaipur – the Pink City….

INDIA INSPO ROW 1 1 - Incredible India
INDIA INSPO ROW 2 - Incredible India
INDIA INSPO ROW 3 - Incredible India
INDIA INSPO ROW 4 - Incredible India
INDIA INSPO ROW 5 - Incredible India