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Travel Outside The Box With Anna Kloots

By June 12, 2018 Diary
ACS 0219 - Travel Outside The Box With Anna Kloots

Anna Kloots is a Juliet Dunn girl through and through. Inspired by travel, colour and adventure she set up her travel and lifestyle blog to record her wanderings and hopefully inspire us all to get away just a little bit more…

Combining these escapes with easy laid back luxe style, Anna shows us how to wear Juliet Dunn from the Desert to the Duomo and also shares her hot travel tips.



ACS 0243 2 - Travel Outside The Box With Anna Kloots

Best Hotel To Stay In:

The Oberoi Hotel Amarvilas in Agra. Every single room as a balcony with a view of the Taj Mahal. It’s palatial, and they take sure care of every detail. Someone was on the roof to scatter rose petals down on me and my husband as we entered. Also, I’ve never seen a better breakfast spread.

Ideal Travelling Companion:

Whoever you are most in-sync with. For me, this is my sisters! When we travel together we have all the same ideas, goals, and interests. It makes for a really smooth trip where we’re never arguing about the itinerary.

City Break Destination:

Cape Town is one of my favorite cities in the world. I think it has it all – beach, wine country, hiking, culture, and scenery that is just bananas! It’s also such an affordable city which makes traveling there a lot more enjoyable than some places where your money doesn’t go as far.

Best Restaurant:

La Conca del Songo in Positano is my favorite in the world. You can only get there by boat, it’s all white and set over the sea so you just feel the ocean breeze as you tuck into the most incredible salted cod of your life!

ACS 0392 - Travel Outside The Box With Anna Kloots

Favourite Bar:

Bemelmans Bar in the Hotel in the Carlyle Hotel in New York is my favorite. It’s timeless and so New York – the walls were hand-painted by Ludwig Bemelmans’, the illiustrator of Madeline, which was my favorite book as a child. They have a live piano player, it’s dimly lit and so cozy. They make excellent, classic drinks and have delicious bar snacks. Pure perfection.

Next Year I Will Visit….

Easter Island! I’ve been wanting to go for a long time, so I am beyond excited. I love places that are really off the grid like that.

Best Beach:

Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman is my personal little heaven! It’s only three hours from New York and has the most beautiful, crystal water and soft, white sand! It’s absolute heaven.

Go To Sunglasses:

A pair of 1970s pink-frames I picked up at an awesome vintage store in Melbourne.

IMG 1975 - Travel Outside The Box With Anna Kloots

Beauty Essentials:

Drunk Elephant Skincare is my favorite, everything smells so good and feels amazing on my face. I love Rodan + Fields eyelash serum, it makes my lashes grow like crazy! I’m very low maintenance with makeup – a little lip gloss, mascara, and NARS Orgasm blush and I’m set for the day.

Soundtrack Headliner of the Holiday:

I always cater the music I’m listening to, to where I’m traveling, so this varies for me depending on where my destination is. I like the music to fit the destination and then it always reminds me of that place when I leave.

What Do You Pack:

Dresses, dresses, and more dresses! My whole life, my go-to outfit no matter the weather or occasion is a dress. My mother used to send me school in a fancy dress and hair-bow everyday, and always had a motto of “always better to be overdressed than underdressed!” On my feet are always Bensimon tennis shoes. They are the most comfortable shoes and they come in every color.

Sea or Pool:

Dip in the pool, but lay out by the sea!

ACS 0420 - Travel Outside The Box With Anna Kloots

Most Repeated Holiday Phrase:

Can we walk there? I’m HUGE on walking everywhere when I travel. I think you miss things when you’re in a car or public transport. I once walked 17 miles (37,000 steps!) in one day in Paris!

Best Holiday Read:

100 Places in France Every Woman Must Visit – It makes you want to travel and inspires you to seek out the little pleasures where you go. Marcia de Sanctis is one of my favorite writers.

What’s In Your Hand Luggage:

Eye mask, rosewater mist, noise-canceling headphones, inflatable pillow, some kind of healthy snack, paw-paw ointment, and if its a long-haul – a sheet mask! I have no shame, no one wants dehydrated skin.

ACS 0439 - Travel Outside The Box With Anna Kloots

Holiday Nightmare:

Not getting into the country! It happened to me on my first trip to India, I didn’t have the right VISA and got denied entry to the plane! Now I take extra care to check the entry requirements every single time.

Favourite View:

The view of Paris from the steps of the Sacre Couer, especially if the Eiffel Tower is sparkling.