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Can you feel the glow?

Last summer feels like it’s only just behind us (and still featuring highly on our Instagram feed), yet we’re suddenly in a world of 4PM sunsets, lost tans and soggy socks – hurtling towards 2018 like a morose ghost of holidays past. In such a climate, it’s hard to feel energetic, creative and inspired to do, well anything, really.

To celebrate the online release of the new Juliet Dunn Resort 2018 collection, we’ve put together this list of dreamy destinations to fill your imagination with possibilities of sun-kissed skin, barefoot dancing and hazy breeze, each more Juliet Dunn-appropriate than the last. Where will you wear yours this winter…?

JD0002 WHITE MULTI TRIBAL PONCHO SHIRT DRESS WF - Winter sun destinations to kindle your creativity

Jalisco, Mexico
Far from the well-trodden sands of Tulum and Cancun on Mexico’s wild Pacific coast is Jalisco, a tremendous stretch of creamy sands, deepest blue and surreal green terrain. And though the peaceful ecological reserve, filled with pelicans and mysterious lagoons, are reason enough to visit, the Cuixmala hotel, the former private retreat of Sir James Goldsmith, is everything you’ve been searching for to inspire creativity.

Designed by architect Robert Courtier, this palace of dreams is richly coloured like powdered spices with chess-board pool glinting like an oasis. Archways and hidden nooks and crannies call to mind Arabian nights and create a sensation of having stumbled upon someone else’s hallucination.

JD0000 WHITE DARK BLUE COTTON BHUJ COAT WF - Winter sun destinations to kindle your creativity

Cartagena, Colombia
This Colombian treasure trove is a city of dual personalities. Vibrantly painted in pastels and clanging with conversation, music and good-natured sellers on the streets, behind the ancient doors of the town houses within the walled-city lie entirely different worlds. These historic mansions are sanctuaries of calm and luxury, with trickling pools in open courtyards.

More often than not, you’ll find a flat roof from which to observe the city sprawling out around you and soak up the terrific Caribbean sun. Hotels like Casa San Agustin, the 17th-century property with Moorish-tiled bathrooms, are filled with antiques and offer stunning solace from the vitality of this incredibly cultured and exciting city.

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Koh Lanta, Thailand
Barefoot luxury to its very core, Koh Lanta has a mellow, slow-paced vibe, where visitors come to unwind, eat fish and bathe in the improbably-warm Andaman Sea. The considerable effort it takes to get here means that the island is out of bounds for all but the most intrepid (and time-rich) back-packers, and the mega-wealthy of the boho jet-set ilk.

The latter of these groups will find a paradise within a paradise at the Layana Resort & Spa: elegant, breezy and sunbeds with buzzers to press for service. This place is the daydream of all daydreams, and will keep you topped up with inspiration for many moons after your return.

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Muscat, Oman
Resisting the modern world with its sky-scraper ban, Muscat feels like the thrumming port city it has been since time immemorial and the soul of Oman. This is a place to let your imagination run wild: the coastal city is filled with historic gems and surrounded by mountains and desert, with extraordinary scenery, charming villages and enthralling landforms such as the Bimmah sinkhole.

Beach hotels offer a perfect balance of romance and luxury, like the Six Senses Zighy Bay blending seamlessly into its extraordinary surroundings. Your Juliet Dunn will look right at home in the Bedouin-style tents of the desert and dune camps.

JD0118 MANGO NEON PINK SILK CAMI DRESS WF - Winter sun destinations to kindle your creativity

Goa, India
Laid-back but glamourous, effortless and stunning, you might say that Goa is the spiritual home of Juliet Dunn. You might have outgrown the full-moon parties but you’ll never tire of the stretches of private sun-soaked beaches, boutique hotels and great shopping.

Yoga and spa options abound in this former Portuguese enclave, while Old Goa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, provides a stunning background to your voyage of discovery. The suites Pousada Tauma offer even more opportunity to get away from it all, and its stunning swimming pool makes it impossible to leave.