An inspirational traveller for all wannabe jet-setters! The Wondering Dreamer, AKA Jess Meyrick, is a British born girl with a sense of wanderlust. Never in the same location for too long she has combined her photography skills with a love of travel and creates some of the most stunning and unique travel images we have seen. Anyone this well travelled is bound to have experienced every delight, surprise and secret the World has to offer, and so we had to ask her for some of her favourite destinations and top travel tips when we got the chance!

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Best Hotel To Stay In:

Wow, this is a hard one, so many. I would say Mukul Resort in Nicaragua, we had our own villa and pool – but the service was just another level!

Ideal Travelling Companion:

My boyfriend! But if he’s not around… my travel buddy has to love exploring and visiting historical places. I don’t need someone who’s all about the sunbathing. They need to enjoy food and be pretty good with a camera!

City Break Destination:

Two hard to say one… I love visiting Barcelona, Paris and New York – they’re the perfect City breaks!

Best Restaurant:

I am obsessed with Japanese and the best restaurant that served this, was Hakkasan

Favourite Bar:

I really LOVE the speakeasy bars…

Next Year I Will Visit….

Haven’t got to next year yet, but I am sure it’ll be busy! But this year is looking pretty good… Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives, Berlin, Mexico, Greece, Norway

Best Beach:

I lived in Bermuda for 2 years… and If I am being honest, the best beaches are there! There is one called Long Beach, and it will forever be etched in my memory as my fave!

Go To Sunglasses:

Obsessed with Sun Buddies, a Scandinavian brand!

Beauty Essentials:

I am very simple when it comes to cosmetics! I use a Liz Earle face wash and moisturiser. I can’t live without my Mac under eye cover up and Hoola Bronzer from Benefit!

Soundtrack Headliner of the Holiday:

INTRO – by The XX

What Do You Pack:

I like to think I am a light packer, but I am definitely not. I take far too much and I always buy when I am aboard – so I end up being overweight! My Juliet Dunn dresses I adore, and I’m obsessed with my Manebi and Aloha shoes.

Sea or Pool:

Sea/beach for me, although I do love a silky pool swim after a beach day!

Most Repeated Holiday Phrase:

“I don’t want to go home…shall we change or flight?”

Best Holiday Read:

I am a total bookworm when on holiday. I get through one every other day! The most recent one I LOVED was The Tattooist of Auschwitz. Cried my eyes out!

What’s In Your Hand Luggage:

Ear plugs, eye mask, hand gel, socks, Nytol Herbal tablets, a change of outfit, (for arrival), Berocca tablets, camera equipment…

Holiday Nightmare:

Rain and getting sick!

Favourite View:

The Amalfi Coast! Those are my favourite views of all time.

Jess wears Juliet Dunn Tie Shoulder Dress and Juliet Dunn Poncho Shirt Dress