Our Story

Juliet Dunn is a luxury resort and beachwear brand that combines sun-drenched colours and artisan traditional techniques to create beautiful and individual pieces.

We only use the softest cotton and lightweight silk to build the perfect holiday wardrobe wherever your destination may be. London-based with bohemian glamour at heart, modern shapes combined with travels to India create the ultimate East meets West beachwear brand.

Creative Director and Founder – Juliet Dunn

Juliet Dunn was no newcomer to the fashion world when she dreamt up the idea of a one stop designer beachwear range in 2000.

Previously designing mainstream seasonal collections of clothing in the 70’s and 80’s, Juliet’s lines have always been known for their femininity and allure.

Following a trip to India, a heady romance began between Juliet and the fabrics there which sparked this collaboration. An eclectic mix of her own inspiring and individual style, Juliet Dunn beachwear is famed across the world and her signature style remains one of the most iconic of the beachwear boom.

Future Forward

We are always working hard to improve and become more environmentally ethical. We only make to order to reduce on waste and always use natural fabrics.

Everything is now delivered in biodegradable packaging and we are currently working on introducing organic and sustainable fabrics into our collections.