How it’s Dunn

The process by which you end up with a Juliet Dunn is startling in this age of mass consumerism and impatience but what begins as an idea and a pattern in London, moves to India or South East Asia and then from region to region.

At each stop in its journey something is added, details particular to the area. It then comes back to London before moving on to its final destination be that the turquoise waters of the Caribbean or the bright city lights of Tokyo.

Everything is handmade!

The collections are hand made in and inspired by various regions of India. They draw on ancient skills in printing and embroidering featherweight silk and cotton.

The materials are so essential to the success of the range that the designers spend over four months of the year working with the artisans, encouraging those skills to stay alive and helping to boost local economies.
The dying process is incredible to witness.

The collections, designs and colour charts have to be ready for when the sun is strongest otherwise the vibrant colours don’t develop enough to be Juliet Dunn – these fabrics really are sun drenched.

The block printing is a true art that has been used for centuries, wonderful to still be using wood to carve patterns and use for adornment. The paisley is a traditional theme and this can be developed to create the most fabulous motifs.

Labelled the ‘Kaftan Queen’, Juliet is inspired by sun drenched colours, a look which is glamorous but not glitzy.

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