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Postcards From

Jet Set Christina

Christina Vidal, Jet Set Christina, has turned her passion for travel, wine, and swimwear into one of the most interesting, fabulous travel blogs around. We find out her must-have travel tips 

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Favourite hotel in the world?

So hard to choose! I constantly dream about our time spent at the Six Senses Laamu and the St. Regis Vommuli in the Maldives, and the Four Seasons Bora Bora. In Europe, it’s Hotel Santa Caterina in Amalfi. And in the US, the Four Seasons Maui has my heart! 

Best restaurant you’ve been to?

My favourite that I still dream about is Da Ciccio in Amalfi, Italy. The best homemade pasta I’ve ever had.

Best beach you have ever visited

Rangiroa, French Polynesia.

Best city for a weekend break?

San Francisco (my hometown)

Your favourite view in the World?

I am ALL about views. I especially love a great hotel room view because to me there’s nothing like enjoying a glass of wine from your hotel balcony and soaking up an amazing sunset. My favorite view in the world is probably from the Four Seasons Bora Bora.

Holiday beauty essentials?

Supergoop CC cream is my go-to on any holiday. It’s just enough coverage that you can feel like you aren’t wearing any makeup, but still look put together, and it’s high SPF to keep you protected! On airplanes, a moisturizing mask is a must to stay hydrated, and my favorite sunscreen brand for my body is Coola! Always smells so good and goes on so evenly.

The best travel hack you’ve discovered?

Credit card reward points. 

Light packer or over packer?

Over packer. 

What are your hand luggage must-haves?

I always have an ‘airplane kit’ of moisturizing face masks, sanitizer, hand lotion, liquid IV (to stay hydrated!), caudalie beauty spray (the best), and some mascara to put on when I land so I don’t look totally like a corpse. 

Window or aisle seat?


The best piece of travel advice you have been given?

I have a few!!! 

“Keep your feet on the ground.” Get out and explore wherever you are by foot and take it all in. You’ll see and experience so much more by foot than you will in a car. And you’ll meet more people! 

“Always make sure the number of countries you’ve been to is greater than your age.”

“Trust the good in people.” Don’t go into a new culture or place assuming the worst in people or fearing them, say yes to new experiences and when people open themselves up to you abroad. There is so much kindness all over the world! 

Would you rather see lots of places or get to know one location?

Get to know one location. I love the second trips I take to places for this reason - when the goal isn’t to see everything/ do everything there is to be done, but rather to relax and soak up the culture and beauty of a place without feeling rushed. That is the best way to travel.

How do you describe your travel style?

Adventurous, but relaxed. I love to see the world and enjoy adventure, but more than anything I enjoy being sunkissed, salty & tipsy. I mainly seek out destinations where I can spend all day in the water and sunshine.

What is your ideal plane outfit?

Comfy leggings, my go-to travel sneakers, and a big sweater (I get so cold on planes!)

Strict schedule or go with the flow

GO WITH THE FLOW!!!!! I hate any kind of schedule on vacation.

Early, late or bang on time?

I am always bang on time, but my fiancé Kenny is ALWAYS late. It’s actually comical how the poor guy can never get anywhere on time. So I’m usually late with him.


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