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Ave Camilla

Travel influencer Camilla De Cesare shares her packing expertise and top travel tips.

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Favourite hotel in the world?

Château du Grand-Lucé in the Loire Valley!

Best restaurant you've been to?

I love really simple and fresh food, I’d say the restaurants in Puglia have been my favourite but I could name just one

Best beach you've ever visited?

The Bahamas, the water is so clear and the sand is so nice to walk on

Best city for a weekend break?

Barcelona, it’s beautiful, the food is delicious and the people so lovely!

Your favourite view in the world?

Any kind of desert view

Holiday beauty essentials?

I bring very few beauty products with me but I always remember sunscreen

Best travel hack you've discovered?

Travel with a partner who is willing to carry your large inconvenient hat when you don’t want to haha

Light packer or over packer? 

I must say I usually bring a lot of dresses but then very few shoe options and almost no toiletries, so in the end it balances out

What are your Hand Luggage Must Haves? 

Books, snacks, chargers, and now of course lots of masks and hand sanitizer

Window seat or aisle seat? 

Always window!

Would you rather see lots of places or get to know one location?

For right now definitely still see lots of places!

The best travel advice you have been given? 

Never exchange money at the airport, you’ll always get the worst exchange rates. Use a local ATM to take out cash once you’re in the city

How would you describe your travel style?

I’m such a dress person, I just want to be in dresses all the time! That’s why Juliet Dunn’s clothing is so perfect for trips!

What is your ideal plane outfit?

If it’s a short flight I’m happy to dress normally so I can do things straight off the plane. If it’s over 6 hours I’m definitely going to be comfortable in sweatpants 

Strict schedule or go with the flow? 

I like to know what hotel I’m staying at and if there are any attractions that are must-see, but other than that go with the flow! If you speak to locals once you arrive at your destination you’ll always get so many great recommendations!

Are you early, late or bang on time?

Ideally always early, my husband always late so we average out to bang on time somehow haha


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