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Postcards From

Jyo Shankar

The blogger who aims to travel the world one beach at a time shares her favourite places and shares her vacation essentials


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Favourite hotel in the world?

So many to choose from but I would choose Four Seasons Bora Bora

Best restaurant you've been to?

Potluck Club, Cape Town South Africa

Best beach you've ever visited?

One foot Island, Cook Islands

Best city for a weekend break?

I’m a California girl through and through so I would say San Francisco or Los Angeles

Your favourite view in the world?

Mount Otemanu, Bora Bora

Holiday beauty essentials?

SPF, self tanner, lip balm, multi use color stick, mascara. I love wearing minimal makeup on tropical vacays.

Best travel hack you've discovered?

The app called Timeshifter that helps avoid jetlag! Its incredible and a life savior.

Light packer or over packer? 

Over packer

What are your Hand Luggage Must Haves? 

Camera, laptop and other gear. Travel beauty kit, extra pair of clothing.

Window seat or aisle seat? 

Window seat

Would you rather see lots of places or get to know one location?

See lots of places

The best travel advice you have been given? 

To keep a checklist of essential things to pack in a spreadsheet. Since we travel often we have his spreadsheet perfected to our liking so we always refer to it so that we dont forget anything.

How would you describe your travel style?

Beachy, laidback and tropical, just like the kind of trips I like.

What is your ideal plane outfit?

Comfy sweatshirt, joggers and sneakers.

Strict schedule or go with the flow? 

Strict schedule

Are you early, late or bang on time?

Usually on time!


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