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Postcards From

Sarah Tucker

This blogger and creator shares her favourite places as well as some tips for how to travel with ease 

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Favourite hotel in the world?

Gasparilla Inn at Boca Grande

Best restaurant you've been to?

The Surfclub at Four Seasons Surfside is somewhere I went recently that had an incredible old hollywood vibe, and the food was so deliciously decadent! 

Best beach you've ever visited?

Sveti jakov beach in dubrovnik.  After a bit of a walk, you stumble on this gorgeous alcove with crystal clear water, kayaks if you’d like, and a beach restaurant that serves the freshest seafood!  

Best city for a weekend break?

Palm Beach!

Your favourite view in the world?

When my whole family is together, over a long lingering meal.  

Holiday beauty essentials?

Sunscreen!  I am pretty low key on holiday, so tend to wear a hat, and just sunscreen and under eye concealer. 

Best travel hack you've discovered?

These little Keep your Cadence vials, are TSA approved, and you can bring along your whole skin/beauty regimen with ease.  

Light packer or over packer? 

Usually a pretty light packer 

What are your Hand Luggage Must Haves? 

A good book

Window seat or aisle seat? 

Window - I love the views!  

Would you rather see lots of places or get to know one location?

Lots of places!  

The best travel advice you have been given? 

Planning out everyday has been key for us to maximise our time anywhere.  

How would you describe your travel style?

Sleek black, and comfortable. 

What is your ideal plane outfit?

nice slacks, a cashmere wrap, and comfortable shoes like my Rothy’s.  

Strict schedule or go with the flow? 

A mix of both I think is always fun on vacation!  

Are you early, late or bang on time?

Bang on time


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